Weirdly Beautiful Gardens

Weirdly Beautiful Gardens

Gardening is one of the most recognized hobbies in the world. Be it any part of the world you go, you will find someone or the other who will find their solace in the labor of putting the plants and herbs together in their own places, making their garden a work of art. So here is a list of all those gardens from the different parts of the earth which may strike a chord in you and make you think about the perception of the few in this planet on the whole idea of the word Beautiful.

Poison Gardens, Northumberland, England

The Duchess of Northumberland personally looks after the project of The Poison Garden at Alnwick Garden. The garden is so deadly that you can only enter after a qualified person accompanies you.

In the Poison Garden there are more than hundreds of plants of varying degrees of deadliness that are grown and many of these plants had to be given a special license to be included in the display.

Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico

Edward James- the poet and artist created the gardens of Las Pozas. He bought a coffee plantation during 1940s to craft the Garden of Eden, where you will find yourself in the days where big catapults and epic cross bows ruled. Edward built 36 bizarre concrete sculptures. The names were like the House with a Whale like Roof and Staircase to Heaven. The names had the meaning of the structure hidden in it.

In the heart of Las Pozas- a Mexican Jungle, the “Surrealist Xanadu” combines man-made structures with waterfalls, native plants, exotic flowers, and pools to create a magically peaceful garden.

Rock Garden of Chandigarh in India

Nek Chand, who was a public servant, created his masterpiece from second hand industrial and home wastes in the year 1957, which he gathered from different demolition and dumping sites across the city of Chandigarh.

The phrase “one man’s trash is some other man’s treasure”, is well put here. But a city’s scrap and left over was converted into everyone’s treasure in the case of the Rock Garden, which is spread over 40 acres of land today. This is indeed a marvel in itself.

French Kiss in Akaroa, New Zealand

It is another weird yet beautiful garden with a recline pit stuffed with pillows. Here the visitors could have a unique vision from under the waterline. This garden is inspired from the French settlement history in Akaroa city. People from all corners of the world come to visit these garden or rather museums. These are beautiful in they own ways and thus attract so many people from across the globe.

There are more such places in the world which may be weird in the general perception but from the artist’s point of view they are as unique and beautiful as any magnificent creature of the nature is, in this world.

A tour in these gardens will definitely prove that beauty is just a state of mind.