Silent little benefactors

Silent little benefactors

Lives are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. It is so unique and so different that it puzzles us all. The existence of lives has always raised the query in the scientific minds on how do they exist. They are so unique and amazing that it even puzzles the scientists of the highest order to just arrive to hypothesis and not any conclusive proofs.

Around us there are so many lives that exist that we care the least to even acknowledge. We must not forget and we must desperately start doing so as the opposite case is turning out to be truer that there are many more creatures on this planet other than the human beings. And most of them are microscopic in nature or they are rather too small to perceive with naked eyes. But nevertheless they are present and they exist freely on this planet and they have the full right to do so. They may be small enough to get the help of precise optical instruments to find them yet in they are own world they are big and bold enough to take care for themselves without our unwanted intervention.

There are many such creatures that we may find in our back yards and in our lovely gardens which may not suite the likes of our and we may not hesitate for the second time before just dumping them in the hole of death and thus extinction, but before doing so we must think for at least one more time before any such rash decision is being taken as they may be helpful for us.

Lady bugs are not the sweet little creature that all admire but little all know that they feed on aphids, scale insects, mealy bugs, whiteflies, mites, and the eggs of other insects. So they in their own way in the pursuit of finding food for it help us by defending our lovely gardens from unwanted organisms.

Honey bees may freak the soul out of a few of us but one thing that we must remember that every life has its own purpose. Everyone is sent on this planet with a task to accomplish, and do the honey bees are here for. They are great pollinators. As pollinating agents they can work miracles and help in the growth of your gardens.

Hover flies though may have a similar appearance like that of a wasp or a bee due to its patterns on their skin yet they are often rejected without an audience. They are helpful for us as they eat up all those who are not health for our gardens.

The same goes with dragon flies and they are thought to be our enemy and the enemy of our garden and its beautiful possessions, but they are very much beneficial to us all. They eat up the larvae of mosquitoes and other such insects that may cause harm to us directly by causing diseases and spreading illness.

Thus though it may seem that these insects and many more are harmful to us but they actually help us in silence.