My Favorite Gardening Machinery

The frequent gardening activities made me curious about the modern machinery which can make the practice faster and easier. Spending a lot of time working in my garden does not mean all has to be hard work. I like to take the tedium out of tending my garden by using innovative machines. Let me share some of my favorite ones.

  1. Garden tiller cultivator

If you want to raise a vegetable garden or take care about various beds around the house, turning these spaces over by hand may be quite tiresome. That’s why I’ve decided to buy a garden tiller cultivator to make the job faster and easier. Although it is not big in size, it quickly pulverizes my beds showing a great level of efficiency. I can thoroughly till a 5×5 patch of packed soil in less than 10 minutes, and the cultivator shows no signs of overheating. I’d say it is a good machine for those with small to medium gardens.

  1. Self-propelled push-style lawn mower

The one I have is powered by a petrol engine producing 2.7 hp. It offers a three-stage height adjustor, a soft grip handle, and a polyester bag for cuttings. Until recently it was enough to take care of my medium sized front and rear lawns, but now, when I plan to expand my lawn areas, I am actually thinking of investing into something more efficient and powerful like a garden or even a lawn tractor. If you don’t know the difference between those two, try to check at GARDENTRACTORREPORT for more details on the issue.

  1. Walk-behind lawn rake

This is a perfect machine for processing lawn areas which have been neglected for several years, for example. The one I have can plough through the thatch, choking weed, and moss in no time. If the lawn is in a really bad condition, I’d recommend starting with the tines at their highest level and go layer by layer until you finally reach the ground level. The model I’ve got is equipped with a collection bag so the lawn looks neat and clean when I finish raking.

  1. Chipper shredderChipper shredder

I usually use this one in the spring and in the autumn. I chip all the small branches that came down in my garden over the winter and use them later as mulch. Every fall when the yard is full of leaves I run them through the shredder before throwing into the compost heap. The shredded leaves tend to compost faster, besides they take less space which means the heap does not have to be enormous in size. In addition, I can regulate the size of a chip from 50mm to 2”.

  1. Walk-behind garden vacuum

Although I have a tiny electrically powered portable garden vacuum which I use for minor cleaning tasks, I still prefer my bigger walk-behind model as it can cope with cleaning litter on bigger areas perfectly. I often use it to clean the sidewalk and my driveway from different debris. It is also good in cleaning the bottom of my drainage ditch from leaves and pine needles. I deliberately chose the model with the medium-sized collection bag so it is not too heavy to push and carry when it fills up.