Medicinal Plants You Can Grow Yourself

Modern medicine is a blessing, and I am so glad that nurses and doctors all over the world take care of patients. But did you know there are a variety of plants and herbs you can grow yourself that can save you a few trips to the doctor? It’s actually pretty easy to grow a variety of plants that can keep you healthy and on top of your game. Here are a few plants that stay in my garden all during the growing season each year.


The ancients believe that garlic was health, not just for the body but for the spirit as well. According to legend, garlic had the ability keep away werewolves and vampires and protect mortals from the supernatural realm. Although I can’t guarantee anything supernatural, I can tell you that garlic will help protect your immune system from the evil invaders of bacteria! Garlic boosts the immune system to protect you from colds and flu. It also acts as a purifier, and can help with acne and skin blemishes. While you’re at it, you can grab a great-quality stethoscope so you can listen to your heart: Garlic can prevent heart disease! Applied topically, garlic can increase skin elasticity, keep your skin looking beautiful, and even prevent some types of hair loss. Garlic is my favorite thing to keep in my garden to save me a few doctor visits.


Ginger root is a miracle worker in the area of upset stomachs. A bit of ginger taken daily can calm your stomach when you’re feeling sick, and even reduce some of the pain that comes with bad arthritis. If you suffer from arthritic pain, look no further than a dose of ginger once or twice daily. It’s more natural than most medicines, and just as effective without the addictive qualities.


Sage is an easy herb to cultivate, and it works wonders for sore throats. As the fall season progresses, sore throats become more and more of a problem. But you won’t have anything to worry about, because watering down some sage and spraying it in the back of your throat will really help you feel better in a hurry.


Basil works wonders as a temporary relief for high blood pressure. Basil goes well with a variety of foods, and can therefore be taken many times a day as part of your regular diet. If you have high blood pressure, I would recommend you pick up a Pulse Oximeter so you can keep careful track of how your body is reacting to the basil.


Rosemary helps both increase your mental focus and fight bacteria from food. Rosemary also smells wonderful and soothing, and can help you relax just from the scent. However, when mixed in food Rosemary’s full force can be felt; you will notice you are able to more easily accomplish tasks and fight off infections.

You may not need these plants in your personal garden, but please have at least a few! Your health will thank you.