Making Pool Landscaping Simple: What Many Landscape Artists Would Never Tell You

Making Pool Landscaping Simple: What Many Landscape Artists Would Never Tell You

I’ve worked on many challenging and unique garden and patio landscaping projects in the past but these projects aren’t as challenging as pool landscaping.

Adding lush greenery and colorful flowers around your swimming pool can really boost the beauty of the pool. Depending on your preference and space limitations, plants can either be packaged in planters or carefully landscaped around the pool. Greeneries not only help your swimming pool look complete but also give some softness to the overall feels.

If you are planning to DIY your pool landscaping, there are several things you need to put in mind to insure that your landscaping won’t cause you headache later on.

Litter potential. There are practical considerations like choosing the right plants that wouldn’t litter flower petals or leaves into the swimming pool. If you choose the wrong plants, you might find yourself constantly cleaning the pool or risk the chance of damaging your pool equipment.

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Climate. Next thing to consider is the viability of the vegetation in the area or region where your pool is located. Choose plants that are endemic to your climate. For instance, if your pool is built in the northern zones, you can plant tropical variety of trees and flowers. There are also certain floral species that only thrive in more temperate environments of the south. Make sure the plants you pick for landscaping fit the environment.

Purpose. Use plant species that would be useful in your pool. If you need shade for your pool, you can plant trees that don’t shed too much leaves. There are also shrubs and flowers that are known to repel mosquitoes and other insects. You can also choose vines or wisteria if you consider putting up a pergola or cabana.

Privacy. Landscaping can give you privacy from your nosy neighbors. It should also block unwanted views from your pool. Evergreens are great choices since they are fast-growing. Shrubs that grow in height could also be used to serve this purpose.

Upkeep. Another consideration is maintenance of the plant. Does it require daily watering? How regular you have to trim it? Do you have to plant it again after winter? Does it require fertilizers or special care? All these should be considered when choosing which plants get into your swimming pool landscaping. Banna, citrus, palms and olive trees are some plants that require the least maintenance and upkeep.

Beauty. Probably, the topmost reason why people add pool landscaping is for added beauty. Flowers and shrubs as well as flowering, deciduous and fruit trees can all enhance your pool. Choose plants of different colors. I prefer using flowers with bright, bold colors and shrubs with deep green leaves alternating with light-colored ones. To complete the look, add some planters and decorative landscape accents.

Landscaping around your pool should really make it pop. But be careful when choosing trees and plants or you’ll end up regretting it!