Lighting in Garden Design

Lighting in Garden Design

Everyone should have a personal garden of their own if you ask me. There’s something that’s just very cathartic about planting, all the stabbing at the earth with a shovel or trowel, cutting away weeds, all of it. However, there’s more to building a garden than just clearing a patch of land and digging some holes in the dirt. For one, you must have efficient lighting so you can see things when the sun isn’t around to brighten up said garden. Now I know, some people will call this extraneous. There’s nothing like having a nice sit out in your private space in the middle of the night though, you know?

I do rather enjoy that. It’s nice and quiet, the sky is full of stars, and the temperature is cooler since the sun has gone down. It’s pretty nice I think. But walking around in the dark is kind of dangerous too. Having enough light is important and so, I’m always looking for interesting ways to incorporate lighting into the gardens I design. I look to make it blend in and be seamless if I can, so it doesn’t stand out and become an eyesore. Rather than putting lampposts around, I would install some of those solar panel lights on the stakes which stab into the ground. This is just one example though.

I also like to use arches, both for creating paths as well as giving creeping plants something to grip while they grow, ever upward. Strings of lights can also be run through these arches, sort of how you would attach a string of lights to a Christmas tree or the outside of your home, if you happen to celebrate that holiday. I’ve found it’s possible to do this and create an effect which isn’t at all gaudy and actually makes a garden look unique, in a fashion. Now I know other people do this too, so it’s not unique at all, but it does stand out from other gardens and lawns nearby.

Another approach I sometimes use is to place LED bar lighting along the sides of a path, rather than construct arches over it. These too usually push down into the dirt with a little force and can be found in solar varieties as well as those requiring some electrical connection to work. Unlike light which shines down from above, this ground-up lighting scheme illuminates an area without casting shadows and actually makes a greater deal of light, at least I think, since it doesn’t create those patches of darkness.

The way I’m talking about lighting here, it would be pretty easy to mistake my real passion, which is creating unique and beautiful outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. I love making gardens and rather enjoy gardening myself, in the plot I’ve made at my home. With this said, let me close by giving a little advice. Gardens aren’t necessarily patches of flowers and nothing else. You could grow your own carrots, tomatoes, beans, peas and other vegetables at home, ensuring quality produce without all the harsh chemicals or genetic modification.