Keeping fit with gardening

Keeping fit with gardening

Although fitness is much talked about in recent times, most people fail to take up the right initiative to get fit. Frequenting the gym is not something that is liked by all. I’ve seen many of my friends cook up some excuse or the other for not going to the gym. I’m often asked about how I keep myself fit. To say the truth, I myself am not that enamored by the idea of going to the gym regularly.

But I work out with my grappling dummy daily, which more than makes up for the gym workouts and then I have my landscaping work which also needs quite a lot of physical activity. In fact, gardening is one of the ways in which you can keep fit and healthy without any other exercises. It burns much more calories than you can imagine.

Gardening for fitness

There has been a boom in the sales of herbs, vegetables and seeds as consumers are more and more conscious about the food quality. They have started realizing the significance of the mental, physical and spiritual advantages of being connected with nature. Gardening is a way to be connected with the land and help us gain fitness, health, wellbeing and happiness in a more earthy way.

The concrete jungle we live in does not augur well for this change but the increasing interest in landscaping and growing vegetable gardens at home that I see recently is certainly a promising change. Gardening helps in many ways to get you on the path of wellness. From improving nutrition and brain health to better fitness, gardening offers several benefits.

Benefits of gardening

While there are numerous benefits in gardening, one important benefit in terms of fitness is that gardening keeps you active. For your body to function properly, it needs to be in a state of perpetual motion. Gardening helps you achieve this. In fact, studies reveal that those involved in gardening have lower BMI, when compared to the non-gardeners.  And you are less prone to be obese or overweight when you do gardening regularly. Since the activity is done outdoors, you can work out more and get significant benefits out of it than when you do some activity indoors.

High intensity exercises

Gardening is actually classified as a vigorous activity as it can give the benefit of a high intensity exercise for both children and adults. This is true especially in case you are involved in soil work. Some of the activities like weeding, carrying heavy mulch bags or mowing the lawn are physically demanding workouts. Digging holes, stirring compost and raking leaves can burn up to 400 calories in an hour. Digging holes and raking are considered as vigorous exercises and adding wood chips for soil amendments is another high intensity activity.

Doing such activities required only a shovel, pitchfork and wheelbarrow. When you do the right amount of mechanics including twisting, reaching and bending, you can get a good workout effect. In addition to these regular gardening workouts, I also do some high resistance martial training to keep me fit.