It’s Almost Summer – Create A BBQ Oasis In The Yard

It’s Almost Summer – Create A BBQ Oasis In The Yard

So you want to enjoy those juicy steaks and grilled burgers with your new in-laws for your husband’s birthday in a few weeks but you haven’t created the best BBQ area for the backyard. Here are some ideas for creating that spectacular oasis.

General Tips to Consider

mm that barbecue looks so tasty i could eat it up instantlyIf you’re going to entertain a small group of people during the month or year, then a medium-sized fire pit would work the best for the barbecue area, but, if you want something that will look great for the backyard, you can install a larger stainless steel grill in the middle of the patio.You should look for a grill that is simple to clean and maintain, and let your creativity run wild when designing your BBQ area in the yard.

Pool Barbecue Area

If you have a pool in the backyard, turn this into a fun barbecue area for everyone. On your patio you can place the grill and on the ground near the pool you can install a home bar that contains a mini refrigerator, a wooden shelf area to stock your liqueurs for making drinks, a mini cupboard for storing your snacks and cigarettes for guests, and a blender for preparing the drinks.

Get Earthy With A Brick Barbecue

When building your brick barbecue, you should build it in an area of the yard that doesn’t have heavy winds blowing so that too much smoke will not get in the house or all over the guests or cook. Once you determine the place where you want the barbecue to be, you would dig down and eliminate the excess dirt until you have a five-inch hole. Then prepare some concrete mix and pour some of the mix in the hole while also putting down rebar pieces.  Once this step is complete you would lay two layers of bricks as the foundation for the barbecue then after laying the remaining bricks, you would place your fire pit or grill on the top of the finished bricks.

About The Furniture

You want to choose furniture for the outdoor barbecue area that is comfortable but that is also stylish for your personal tastes and the guests. If you have a tropical theme, you can install some multicolored lounge chairs, palm trees, and you can put some Hawaiian themed collectibles on your outdoor kitchen island. If you have an electric smoker or grill, you won’t have any problems with styling you BBQ area, because smokers are very stylish nowadays and come in variety of shapes and colors, so it’s easy to choose one that suits your patio area the most. If you haven’t bought one yet I suggest you check out for best smoker reviews and buying guides.


Your outdoor barbecue area shouldn’t look bland and lifeless but instead it should be a place where everyone can forget about their stresses and enjoy each other’s company. You don’t have to buy expensive grills or patio furniture because there are several furniture stores available that offer affordable decorative items for the barbecue area. If you need additional ideas look through some interior design magazines and take notes on the ideas you see in them to determine if they match the goals you have for the design. To make the project fun, get the family to pitch in and assign different tasks to them so that everyone can feel as if they contributed to your new barbecue area.