How to Take Garden Photography Like a Pro?

How to Take Garden Photography Like a Pro?

Every patio and garden has a story to tell. Garden lovers know this.

Whether you want to frame a photo as art, share over the internet, or just to immortalize the beauty of your garden, it all begins with understanding the unique story of your lovely outdoor space.

Here let me share with you some tips on how to take garden photography like a pro.

  1. garden photographerHighlight interesting small details

Create a context to the story of your garden by capturing an establishing shot. Then focus on interesting details that you find meaningful. Zoom in further for some close up shots to add more depth to your story.

  1. Choose your shots well

There are a lot of inspiring subjects that you can find in your garden. Aside from the colorful flowers and greeneries, other great subjects include fences, hardscape, pathways, and borders. Capture horizontal and vertical shots. Aerial shots using a quadcopter (visit QuadCopterGuru for reviews) are also very interesting!

  1. Perfect day for a perfect shoot

If you’re lucky to have an overcast weather during your shoot, you are sure to capture stunning shots of your garden. Natural lighting is perfect for garden photography and the best time is either at dusk or dawn. Turn off your camera flash – it doesn’t only look good on pictures but also disturbs the flowers.

  1. Natural lighting

Make the most of the natural lighting. When taking zoom-in shots, use aluminum foil to focus natural lighting which adds more depth to the shadow side of your subject. Low, reflective light from the foil highlights the details and contours of the flower. It results in a very subtle, warm touch.

  1. Be flexible

Some of the best shots may require you to bend, squat, lie on the ground, or contort your body. Be ready for some back-breaking poses to find interesting angles. It would help to take with you a large trash bag to keep you safe from ground dirt.

  1. Spontaneity and authenticity

Garden photography requires little to no staging at all. Take shots as is. Elements such as wind motion, birds, bugs, and butterflies add beauty to the story. No need to over decorate or add further details. But of course be sure to hide unnecessary stuff, such as garden hose or tools.

  1. Use stabilization accessories

A tripod can help keep your hands steady and help you get great shots. If you want to take aerial shots, the WLToys V262 quadcopter is nice to have.

Finally, take as many photos so you can have more options to choose from. It is also best to take notes of your shots. Some would love to know more about the plants in your garden. Hopefully, these tips help you capture successful garden photographs that communicate a sense of intimacy and beauty.