How to Make Golf Course-Worthy Lawn at Home

How to Make Golf Course-Worthy Lawn at Home

I’ve seen a few golf courses in my life and have always been fascinated by the sheer beauty of lawns there. The expanse of green grass so soft and perfect, it seems one can rest on it as comfortably as if it were a bed, looks absolutely incredible.

I guess it was this beauty that sparked my passion for golf. Very soon I got myself a set of quality golf equipment and set out to explore all the courses I could reach. I must admit that even now at least half of my pleasure comes from enjoying the walks across those marvelous landscapes.

perfect golf lawnI’d like to make a personal note here that navigating large courses and choosing clubs became much easier for me once I got myself a golf FPS watch. This device turned out to be a great help for me. If you have never heard about such a type of watch, I sincerely advise you to check out reviews on Golfoid.

However, I’d like to get back to the incredible golf course lawns. The first thing I wanted to do after seeing my first course is to have a lawn “just like that” at home. Alas, I quickly realized that it’s not going to be an easy achievement. Even despite the fact that I consider myself to be something of a gardening aficionado, the quality of golf course lawns turned out to be too high to match. I’d say that comparing the results of my efforts to these immaculate green perfections was like comparing a common machine to a commercial-grade one.

Of course, I wasn’t deterred by my first failings. I immersed myself in research and talked to every golf groundskeeper I could find asking for advice. In the end, I managed to compile a list of tips that actually did help me make my home lawn into the emerald perfection I was so obsessed with. Today I’ll share them with you.

  • Use the right mower.
    From my experience I can say that a reel mower is the best for producing a golf course-worthy lawn at home. It cuts the grass cleanly and evenly leaving you with a truly well-manicured lawn.
  • Don’t mow your grass too short!
    To achieve the best look, you will need to mow your lawn at the height of about 2 inches. This height is perfect because it promotes deeper routing. Cut your grass too short, and its rooting system will be underdeveloped. This puts a stress on the soil and makes it susceptible to disease. Cut down about 1/3 of the length of the blade when you mow your lawn.
  • Choose the right kind of grass.
    This is the crucial factor that will “make or break” your lawn. There is no one universal best type of grass, so you will need to try a few options or consult a professional. Remember, your soil determines which grass is best for this purpose, so take your time to do the necessary research and find the perfect option for your land.
  • Don’t water the lawn too much.
    Over-watering is as bad as under-watering. To achieve the best results, water your lawn infrequently but deeply, this will promote the development of the rooting system, which will result in healthy luscious grass.