Great Gardening Tools

Great Gardening Tools


If you really think about it, gardening is a lot like farming. You have to pick out a nice patch of earth to begin with, then decide what it is you want to grow based on the climate and weather conditions where you are. There’s a lot of digging, tilling, planting, mulching, watering and more, so there are a lot of different tools you may find yourself using, even in a small garden. I’ve worked with gardens of all sizes, so I’ve seen what makes great gardening tools as well as which contraptions you could probably just forget about and avoid.

Speaking of great gardening tools, I feel there are three specific items that no gardener should be without, regardless of the size of the garden in question. Back in the day, there used to be something called The Claw which was a bunch of curved spikes attached to a handle. You would stab it into the earth, twist, and get aerated, loose soil without breaking a sweat (or your back). A quick search for “claw garden tool” will get you dozens of results featuring similar items. I don’t know if the original Claw has been bought out or just gone out of business, but these devices all work the same, and they do work.

Great Gardening ToolsIf you’ve never heard of the Ho-Mi before, that’s a cool tool of Korean origin which is a lot like a handheld scythe. The wide, fat blade is ideal for chopping through stems and turning up dirt, making it an effective tool for removing weeds, right down to the roots. While the claw mentioned above is perfect for quick jobs that require no fine work the Ho-Mi is better suited to the fine work than turning up an entire garden bed. A tool like this may not be easy to find, but it’s not very expensive either since it’s just a blade on a handle.

Not everything about your garden focuses on the earth beneath it. In some cases, you’ll need to clear a canopy from above the space you want to use so sunlight can regularly get to it and the things planted there can grow. If you hate climbing ladders or have a fear of heights, you’re in luck – there’s no need to leave the ground with a pole saw to extend your reach. Take a quick look at Pole Saw Report and you’ll see for yourself that these lengthy saws are perfect for chopping off branches without putting the user in any kind of danger.

This last item is especially useful if you’re just getting into gardening, or you’re trying planting in a new location and you’re not sure what types of plants will do well given the soil, rainfall and other factors, like temperature. The EasyBloom plant sensor can be stuck in any garden bed and it will collect all kinds of data about its surroundings, including all of the points mentioned above. You can then visit the EasyBloom website with the gathered data and get excellent recommendations for what to plant, given your specific circumstances. This will quickly become the best friend of many novice gardeners.