Garden and home security

Garden and home securityBy now most of you know that I probably spend more time in my garden than anything else. Well, there’s also those long hours I spend in my shed preparing new pot plants and bulbs, and still more hours in the workshop measuring out wood strips for a new patio set or garden fence. I’m even building smaller things like garden gnomes and green frogs which are ideal to amuse small children with. Then there are new designs for safe, ankle deep garden ponds.

A sense of security

Children usually get bored fairly quickly while their parents are pottering about in the garden. After all, they are rather small and cannot be left out of sight while their parents utilize the only bit of time they’ve had all week to potter around in the garden. Not me, I have plenty of time, so much so that I’m even teaching your kids (well, you, so that you can pass these lessons on to them) how to do a spot of gardening.

All this, and more, gives me a real sense of purpose and security. Or does it? Lately, we’ve been talking a lot more about how we can protect ourselves better, particularly in the case of our garden and home environment where I am usually in three different places – the outside garden, the shed and the workshop – throughout the whole day. Fortunately, our estate is not that large, so all three work areas are fairly close to each other.

Reducing risks

So, if anything should go wrong, particularly if our home is being broken into, even in broad daylight, I might just be able to make a quick canter to our compact-sized gun safe in the tool shed and grab my fire arm. You may have noticed that I merely said ‘might’ because, quite frankly, no matter how well trained you are in the handling of weapons, there is always the risk that the intruder could very well outsmart you.

But I’ve also been told by law enforcement and security experts that all risks are greatly reduced when you do have a good gun safe in your home. Right now, I’m also thinking about investing in a new, larger safe to accommodate my grandfather’s air gun which desperately needs a home. Also, it’s going to be a handy storage vent for some of my most valuable gardening implements which cannot be replaced these days.

Thank goodness for green fingers

But I’ll still be keeping my pistol in the smaller safe which is discreetly stored away on a high shelf which only I can reach, standing on my own two feet, of course. No child even knows that there’s a gun in the house. All this talk about gun safety and keeping the home safe and all has left me feeling a little green. But, thank goodness, my green fingers are calling out once more.