Fun Activities for Gardeners to Do

As much as I love gardening, there are times when I just need to take some time to do something else. The secret to loving anything for years at a time is to take a break from it occasionally. Every once in a while, you need to try something different as a hobby so that you can keep your love for your favorite hobby. I’ve been a gardener for years, and I’ve been able to keep doing it all these years because every month I try a new activity. I want to share some of my favorite “side hobbies” that I’ve tried over the years!

Picking Up an Instrument

Gardeners are patient people. No one is able to deny that. We have to plant the seeds in the spring, care for theme every day so that the weeds don’t overgrow them, and fertilize them regularly. That takes a lot of patience and the ability to stick with what you’re doing. Learning an instrument is very similar! Your ability to play well won’t come in a day, just like your garden won’t bloom in a single day. There are online tutorials for every instrument you could want to play, from the piano to the tuba. If you pick the tuba, I tip my hat to you! Your patience from garden will make it much easier for you to pick up instruments, even if you think you have no natural talent. I’ll let you in on a secret: natural talent is a myth! No one starts out good at something; the best musicians are the ones that practice the most.

Try an Extreme Sport!

Gardening can be tame most of the time… Why not spice it up with some extreme sports on the weekend? Just make sure you get some safety gear from… You don’t want to risk your gardening career by getting an injury!

I personally recommend motorbike or dirt bike riding for the beginner. It’s easy to take a class and get started in one day. You can get all kinds of equipment for a motorbike as well… They even make Bluetooth headsets designed for motorcycles! Click here to check them out. You just might find that extreme sports make you want to be back in your garden again, and that’s fine! They can help you appreciate just how much you love your garden.


This one may seem odd, but hear me out! Going to different community plays and productions is a hobby. You will be exposed to all sorts of new art and theater. And since you’re a gardener, you probably like calmer activities. This is a perfect place for you! It’s calm, it’s relaxed, and it’s perfect for someone after a long day of gardening. After I started going to local theater events, I didn’t stop going. You can usually find me at the community playhouse on saturday nights, watching the latest production from the players! You should try it for yourself.