Decorating Your Garden With Plants

Decorating Your Garden With Plants

Your backyard garden is only grass and dirt without beautiful and colorful plants and there are numerous methods of decorating your yard with plants and other kinds of garden décor. You don’t have to run out and buy expensive plants or garden accessories because you can actually decorate the yard with inexpensive items.

For example, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to purchase packs of flower seeds and once you plant packets of them, you’ll have a wide harvest of bold colored flowers for the yard. If you purchase seeds in winter or other season, when it’s not recommended to plant them outside, you can grow them indoors using LED grow lights. We highly recommend LED grow lights from to get the best model in the market for the lowest price.

Consider Planting Trees

If your backyard is large enough, you can plant one or two trees not only for decorative purposes but also as a way of providing shade from the sun as well as being a source of edible crops such as lemons or oranges. Some good trees to plant are sycamore trees, red maple trees, weeping willows, conifers, red bud trees and trees that give out citrus fruits to add color to your yard.

Grow Colorful And Edible Plants

You can have your yard look beautiful and serve a purpose for the household by growing colorful and edible plants. You can grow artichokes and use the artichokes in salads, pasta dishes, soups and casseroles. Grow eggplants and use them in soups or you can fry eggplant slices and serve them with a spicy marinara sauce. Tomatoes look attractive and they add a Mediterranean flair to the backyard. You can preserve the tomatoes or create jars of homemade sauce.

Get Trendy With Your Landscaping

Sometimes it’s a good idea to incorporate some modern landscaping ideas into your backyard when decorating with plants. One of those ideas is to bring a more eco-friendly approach to the design and you can do this by growing plants with seeds you used already, using compost as fertilizer for plants, and using recycled items for decorating the yard. Another good trend is the focus on plants that are native to the region you live in.

Fragrant Plants Are Great For The Yard

Another thing you can do is grow some fragrant plants since they add a sweet smell to your yard. Thyme is one great fragrant plant and catnip would also make your yard smell nice, which will attract any cats you have so keep this in mind when planting catnip. Other fragrant plants you can grow include lavender, sage, tansy and ground ivy.

Good Flowers To Plant During Warmer Months

If it’s almost springtime, give your backyard a makeover with a few colorful flowers that are compatible with the season. These flowers include phlox, roses, orchids, tulips, sunflowers, water lilies, daisies, daffodils, and snowdrops. Mix and match some of these and you’ll have a crop of beautiful flowers to enjoy at your next backyard party. In conclusion, decorating the yard with plants add pizzazz to the home and it saves you money on buying flowers from the home improvement stores. Finally, when you have plants in the yard you contribute to healthier eating if you grow fruits and vegetables.