Decorating Your Fishing Pond

Decorating Your Fishing Pond

My backyard was looking stale and after tossing out a few ideas during conversations with myself, I realized that I could utilize my husband’s resources since he is a fisherman.

He is going out fishing everyday and with the fishing equipment that he got, there is absolutely no way that our fish pond will remain empty. I talked with him about installing a fish pond and he loved the idea. We then went to work on our pond and some of the fish we used for the pond included fantail, koi and orandas. Here is how you can create a beautiful fish pond for your yard.

Building The Fish Pond

There are several ways to build your new beautiful fish pond. Before you decorate the fish pond you’ll have to build it and here are the steps. You would start by figuring out the size of your pond and then and start digging in that area. Make sure that you leave adequate room around the pond area for some plants and other decorative items. After you do this you want to lay a sand bed down so that when you put the liner in the hole, it makes for a smooth surface. Then add liner that is at least more than nine inches. Then add water to the pond and finally you can start the decoration process.

Decorating The Fish Pond

One of the most inexpensive ways to decorate the backyard fish pond is to add some large and medium sized stones around the pond and if you want to add some pizzazz to the stones, spray paint them in neutral tones that complement the green grass and some of your other plants that are in the yard. If your pond is in an area that can get solar power quickly, solar lights would work and colorful light bulbs also look neat with a fish pond.

Another idea is to use flowers such as sunflowers, violets, tulips, impatiens or water lilies as décor for the pond. For our yard we used bamboo plants since they created a forest-like atmosphere for the fish pond. You may also decide to plant herbs all around the pond since they are good for using in meals and the herbs add flair.

If there are young children who play in the yard a lot you should install a gate around the pond to prevent hazards near or in it. We have teenagers so we felt it would not be necessary to install barriers. Ponds can be a good teaching tool for children and teens because you can talk to them about our environment and the importance of cultivating it.


My husband and I enjoy our fish pond and he has a sense of pride in knowing that he used his resources from employment to bring a variety of types of fish to the pond. We even gave some of the fish names and the teens take turns in keeping the yard and fish pond well maintained when we have to leave town. I find the pond to be a stress reliever and I sometimes redesign it every few months, which is always fun.