Common Fish Species for Your Water Garden

In one of my posts, I’ve written about how I made a pond in my garden. I’ve talked about the different considerations when making a backyard water garden. Things like: How large the pond will be? What kind of plants to use for decoration? What water features to install? What pond supplies will be needed? And other basic questions that comes with planning a fish pond.

Common Fish Species for Your Water GardenBut aside from these basic considerations, another very important aspect of your fish pond is the type of fish you’ll put in it. Perhaps, if you’re planning to make a large fish pond that would allow fishing, you will likely need fish species such as carp, bass or bluegill.

You can try fishing in your own backyard pond using a spinning rod and spinning reel (check out if you want to know more about different spinning reels). Meanwhile, if you just want a small fish pond, you can choose a decorative koi or goldfish.

Remember that your Goldfish or Koi will the most important part of your fish pond. It is best to know a little about these fish species. Here we take a look at some of the common fish species for your backyard pond:

  1. Decorative Koi – These koi species are the most popular for people who want a small fish pond in their gardens or inside their homes. They are known for having very interesting color varieties and random patterns. Koi add tranquility and relaxation to a water garden. Their smooth movements create soothing sounds. Aside from beautifying your pond, kois also prevent it from getting stagnant.
  2. Decorative Butterfly Koi – This fish species are almost identical with decorative koi, except that they have longer fins that come in varying sizes. They move very graciously in water and are a fun to watch.
  3. Premium Koi – If you want your pond to have only select colors, Premium Koi is the best fish pond species to get. Premium Kois are a top grade koi fish. You can choose which colors of Koi to purchase.
  4. Comet Goldfish – The vibrant reddish-orange color of this fish species is the reason why Comet Goldfish is named as such. This type of goldfish is fun to watch and very personable. They also blend well with other fish species.
  5. Fantail Sarassa Goldfish – Compared with comet goldfish, Fantail Sarassa Goldfish has robust, short bodies. Its tails are fan-shaped, thus the name. This fish species have brilliant red color with white patches. They swim slowly and gracefully in the waters.

These are just five of the most common fish species for your home water garden. There are many other fish species for you to choose from. Feel free to personalize your fish pond!