Building Patio Furniture with Landscape Design in Mind

Building Patio Furniture with Landscape Design in Mind

Working outdoors keeps you invigorated and lively. I love the feeling of being in harmony with the elements of nature. The planning of the landscape, planting and seeing your idea grow and bear fruit literally is something that has to be experienced first-hand to get the true feel.

One sunny morning, I was looking forward to spending my day off at my garden designing the patio furniture, when all of a sudden I found I couldn’t come up with a single good idea. The inspiration exhaustion spooked me beyond anything, so I took a ride with my motorcycle, wearing my wonderful motorcycle boots to see my friend, a designer, to get help with some fresh ideas and advice on how to go on with the project.

There are several homeowners who spend quite a lot of time and money on landscape designing to end up enjoying the view only from their windows. With properly placed patio furniture, you can enjoy the efforts you put in for your landscaping and relax in the evening in leisure.

Patio furniture is made of different materials like metal, wood, wicker, bamboo, concrete, wrought iron, plastic or aluminum and available in Italian, French, contemporary, modern, custom and painted versions.

Here are some key pointers that will help you out in your landscape designing and patio furniture placement

  • The patio should blend with your home and become part of it. Installing outdoor furniture makes it easy for you to relax in your yard and enjoy your garden with your family and friends. To achieve this, you need to choose furniture that blends with your home and also fits in the garden backdrop.
  • Furniture size is an important consideration as too large furniture can spoil the whole effect. Avoid overcrowding your small yard with large dining pieces. Consider dining and bar only when you have sufficient space, and if you entertain regularly. Hammocks and lounge chairs, if you have a pool should however be accommodated.
  • Comfortable placement is the most important part you should not forget. However beautiful and elegant the furniture is, if it is not comfortable to use, you’ll not be able to sit back and enjoy what you’ve painstakingly selected. Use additions like cushions, swiveling chairs and gliding chaise lounge to make it more comfy and relaxing for you.
  • Style of the furniture should be in line with that of your yard and house. This will make it well suited for your yard and house. For older and colonial style homes, wrought iron furniture is a good choice. Modern homes however incorporate various styles and blends, making it necessary for choosing unique structures or aesthetically blending pieces.
  • Color schema of the house and your landscape should be carried on to the furniture too. Depending on the earthy tones or bright colors you have for your house, you should pick appropriate patio furniture. If you like only wooden furniture, but have a brightly colored backdrop, you can add color splashes by using bright colored cushions or pillows on the wooden chairs.

The colors you opt for should blend with the existing landscape design and the color of your home. This will make the whole effect more appealing and pleasant to enjoy.